If you are an experienced cruiser, and would like to make some extra income, we have an excellent program for you. You can book your friends, neighbors, in-laws, co-workers, associates or acquaintances. You can also book your own cruises! We prefer experienced cruisers for this program. We will have you up and booking cruises immediately, but you must know something about the ships and have some idea of what you are talking about. Our agents have many great training opportunities over the course of the year.  We offer teleconference training sessions with industry leaders, webinars, and some FAM trainings, too.  It's up to you, but we certainly recommend that you take advantage of these opportunities.  With our program there is: No Quotas No Goals No Pressure
As a Member of The Cruiseman Network: You will be able to book Cruise Vacations on just about any cruise in the world. We are registered with all the major cruise lines, and some you probably have not heard of. You will have an on-line booking engine that connects to all the major cruise lines at the same time.  You can email quotes to your clients with this amazing system. You will make good commissions, but you will not have to go through all the work, hoops - and expense of setting up your own agency You will be added to our $1 million  "Errors & Omissions" Insurance policy, subject to the conditions explained on the Independent Contractors Agreement. Any direct mailing promotions that we do will include your clients, at no charge to you. We guarantee your commission if your clients call our office directly, as long as you are an active agent. You will have access to dozens of webinar training events with cruise line representatives and other vendors. You may participate in these at no cost to you. You will use real time booking software, which gives you "live" "real time" access to 15 different cruise lines, which you can book on line. You will also have access to the "agents only" web sites of all the major cruise lines. You will also be able to sell many various other travel products, such as hotel rooms, resort vacations, Disney packages, Sandals, Beaches, Travel Impressions -  and more. You will receive regular "updates" on specials, promotions, and sales events via email. (It’s a good idea for you to create a special email address for your cruise business) You will have the buying power of our consortium Travel Leaders Network,  with access to "group rates" on many cruises, as well as many on-line training opportunities.. You will have opportunity for FAM trips, and after you sell $20,000 in cruises, you will qualify for cruises at AGENTS RATES!!! If you put together a group, you might end up with a free cruise for yourself. We'll walk you through it, and help you get it set up!   Who do you know that could help you put together a group?  Think; clubs, non-profits, alumni associations, church groups, fraternal organizations, chambers of commerce, networking groups ... the possibilities are endless! When you book your own cruises, your commission is your discount! The annual support fee to be an Independent Contractor is just $100.00, which renews each October This fee covers our support services such as tracking your bookings, data entry, receiving documents, mailing documents to you, processing commissions, and mailing you your commission checks, as well as $1 million "Errors & Omissions" insurance coverage. 
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