Cruise For Dollars
A Unique Fund-Raising Opportunity

Just imagine yourself on a beautiful floating resort hotel that brings a different tropical island paradise to your front door every day! Savor the pleasure s of fine dining, hospitality, service and relaxation. Enjoy beautiful costumes, expertly choreographed dance productions, memorable songs and singers and all the glamour of a first-night on Broadway every night! Dance to your favorite beat - Disco, Rock Country, Latin or Grand Ballroom - it's all there for you to enjoy nightly. Sun 'n Fun! More activities than you can count! Do it all - or do nothing! It's your choice. Eat, drink, and be very, very merry. Enjoy special amenities - such as a complimentary private cocktail party, with hors d' oeuvres, in-cabin specialties, tour leader concessions and much more. All this for one all-inclusive price, and a profit for your group!!

Now, where can you go for a fantastic vacation for 7, 5, 4 or 3 days at great prices, visit exotic ports, enjoy fine cuisine, dance, party and have fun in select company, and come home with a profit for your organization? Well, come on with us and we'll show you! The more cruisers you take, the more money you make! Let's Cruise for Dollars!

Each cruise is customized to suit your needs and preference. We will provide the expertise in planning and help you to select the best cruise value. We will negotiate all of the amenities. If you choose, we can create a cruise package that will include all costs; i.e. cruise accommodations, transportation to and from the port, all gratuities, baggage handling, and even shore excursions. We will provide you with flyers and promotional material to publicize the fund-raising effort. We will also produce news releases for local publication. We can also advertise your fund-raiser over the internet to help you raise even more funds. We will guide you and assist you from the first day of your campaign until you arrive safely home from your wonderful and profitable cruise experience.


The Cruiseman will donate to your organization from revenue generated an amount to be determined, based on the number of cruise passengers, the length of the cruise, total cost of the cruise.

Here are a few examples of fund-raising cruise profit potentials:

Assuming a 7 night cruise @ an "average" price of $799 per person with 50 cabins sold, your organization would receive around $10,000.  The amount you earn could be lower or higher than this amount, depending on the number of participants.

With a minimum of just 16 cabins you could earn around $3,000.

One church group in Texas sold 140 cabins and raised $32,000.  

The Cruiseman is dedicated to providing you with the very best service and value in the Cruise Vacation industry. We are happy to work with you and your organization to assist in raising funds for any worthy cause.

General Fund-Raising Guidelines

Fund-raising cruises are usually 7 - day cruises; however a 3 or 4 night cruise will also work. You will just not earn as much money.

You will earn one "free"* cabin for every 15 cabins sold.  You may use these "free" cabins for your group leaders to stay in, or you may sell these cabins and add the proceeds to the other funds raised.  Some groups have chosen to raffle off their "free" cabins. 

Each group cruise / fund-raising program is customized to suit individual group desires and requirements. We prepare a proposal for review and approval by the organizational leadership, based on details provided by the group. All agreed components are itemized in a written contract, or Letter of Agreement. All prices and terms are guaranteed as prescribed in the contract. No verbal representations are final until they appear in writing in an agreement which has been signed by the representatives for the organization and The Cruiseman.


* "Free" Cabins.  The value of the "free" cabins is determined by the type of cabins that the majority of your group purchases. The group is responsible for the port & goivernmental taxes on the free cabins.

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