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OK,  what do I do?


1. Get Together 8 couples. (8 cabins*)    

2. Pick A Cruise That Everybody Will Enjoy        

3. Call The Cruiseman. 1-800-889-7683


The Cruiseman will negotiate a "group rate" with the cruise line, and make all your arrangements for you.  You will receive one FREE* berth.

If you can get together 16 couples (16 cabins), you will receive a FREE* berth for your traveling companion, too!

* If you can get together as few as 5 cabins, you may still receive a group rate and some amenities for your group.
Call The Cruiseman for details on how this works.

* You will be responsible for your port & govt. taxes. We will attempt to get your group some other "amenities" as well.
It is best to plan ahead at least 6-12 months to make group arrangements.
In most cases you will need $50 - $100pp deposit to hold your group space, and this is usually payable within 60 days.

Call The Cruiseman today to get the ball rolling! 1-800-889-7683.



If you don't know what cruise you are interested in, use this tool to find your perfect cruise!