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Compensation Plan for Independent Travel Agents

The Independent Travel Agent commissions are paid from the net travel commissions paid to the Company from industry vendors for commissionable travel booked by the Independent Travel Agent. The company pays these commissions to the Independent Travel Agent after completion of travel by the customer(s), and/or after receipt of payment from the travel vendor.


PERSONAL COMMISSION - Independent Travel Agent

Commissionable Sales Volume

Rate of Commission %

Level 1

$0 - $100,000

50%   (of the commission)

Level 2

$100,001 - $250,000

60%   (of the commission)

Level 3

$250,001 +

70%   (of the commission)

* Increases to the 60% & 70% Commission Levels are calculated on all commissionable volume booked through The Cruiseman. A Commission Level is permanent. Once obtained, you never lose it.

** 50% max. rate of commission on any air, hotel, car rentals, resorts, etc. that are booked by the Independent Travel Agent.

*** Your commission level is also your discount on your own cruises & packages booked for yourself. Any discounts (rebates) given to your clients will be deducted from your  commission.

GROUPS: In the event free berths become available and are not used in the promotion of the group, the Independent Contractor and The Cruiseman will split these berths on a 50/50 basis, with the Independent Contractor always receiving the first two (2) free berths. Exceptions as agreed by both parties.