Confidential Booking Procedures
Individual Reservations

  1. All Cruise Lines:  When you make  your booking over the phone,  when they ask you your telephone number is 417-881-2789, and you are calling from The Cruiseman agency.     Our CLIA number is 00-366774.   Ask all cruise lines to send your confirmation (fax) via email to:  I will forward them to you.

  2. All Cruise Lines: Cruise Pro  is our on-line application, with 12 major cruise lines "live". Call or email our office for your own logon information

  3. Carnival Bookings:  You can book Carnival using (or Cruise Pro, of course)  Let me know before you try to use this so I can set you up as authorized to make bookings on-line.   Ask Carnival to send confirmations by email.  They have my email on file:

  4. Royal Caribbean / Celebrity / Azamara:  You may use Cruising Power,  This is a special agents only site for bookings, and other agent specific information. Log on to  then click on "Register Here" (at the top),  then click the button that says "Register for",  then press the "continue" button.  When you get to the page that asks for the agency phone number, enter 417-881-2789. Press "continue", then "accept" the terms and finally you will get to a page where you will set up your own profile and log on information, which you will use every time you log on to Cruising Power.

  5. Carnival Groups Information:  How to book Carnival Groups    --  Fund Raisers

  6. DO NOT ask the cruise line to send booking faxes directly to you. This messes up the system! There is a chance you will start getting everybodys confirmations! Just be patient and we will forward the confirmation to you when we receive it.

  7. For all non-cruise bookings use our CLIA number 00-366774 (The Cruiseman).  Most vendors will accept a CLIA number, now.

  8. If you are placing an "Option" (Courtesy Hold) on a cabin, be sure to get the option date, that is, the date by which the deposit or final payment is due. You will receive a booking number.

  9. The Cruise Lines reservations agents will help you find the best cabin for your customer, and they will push you for an option. Don't place options unless you are pretty sure this is the cruise your customer wants. If you do place an option, and then your customer does not accept it, be sure to call the cruise line back and cancel the option. This is a common courtesy.

  10. If your customer pays the deposit by credit card, as most do, just give the card number to the cruise line reservations agent. If they pay by check, you will need to mail the check to our office. When you do this, be sure to mark it clearly with the reservation confirmation number that you were given when you first made the reservation.. Checks should be made to The Cruiseman. We will forward a check to the cruise line for you.

  11. When you make reservations on the phone, be sure to use your first name and your agent number so we will know who to pay! IE : Jim - 01.

  12. Email us your reservation information so we have a record of your activity. If the client is a repeat customer, we should already have the contact information in our system, so there is no need for you to send it again.  Just tell me the name, cruise line, and reservation number, and confirm how much they have paid so far on the booking.  If they are new clients include their name and complete contact info in your email so we can build a new client record in our system.  And when you make a final payment, please let me know that.  DO NOT send any emails until they client actually makes a PAYMENT on the booking. (Deposit or full payment)

  13. Remind your customer when final payment is coming due.

  14. Please allow for the time for your checks to reach our office, and our checks to reach the cruise line by final payment day. We are not responsible for any late payments.  If your clients insist on using a check rather than a credit card,  and time is running very close,  make them pay for the overnighting fees,  which are getting pretty high!  This will encourage them to use a credit card,  I hope!

  15. Please send me an email each time there is a change made to a reservation or a payment is made on a reservation. Give us the reservation number, client name and what the change or payment was.  This will help us input the information into our computer correctly.

  16. Tickets:  Most lines are now using edocs, which you or your client can download and print out. In the event that you have a booking with "real" paper tickets we will mail your customers tickets to you so that you can deliver them to your customer. In case of a rush or an emergency we will be happy to mail the tickets directly to your client, with your approval only. 

  17. It's a good idea to create a "Welcome Home" letter to send to your customer right after their cruise. This is good follow up.

  18. You may book your own cruises and deduct your commission from your final payment.  If you elect to do this, you must be very sure your figures are correct.

  19. After you sell $20,000 worth of cruises, you will be eligible to book your own cruises at the "agents rates", which is usually around $35-50 per day, per person.


Confidential Reservations Telephone Numbers

These phone numbers are very confidential, and are not to be given out to anyone!

1. Carnival - 1-800-327-9501
2. Royal Caribbean - 1-800-327-6700
3. Celebrity / Azamara - 1-800-437-3111
4. Princess - 1-800-421-0522
5. Norwegian - 1-800-327-7030
6. Holland America - 1-800-426-0327
7. Costa - 1-800-462-6782
8. Disney - 1-800- 511-1333
9. Radisson - 1-800-333-3333
10. Cunard - 1-800-5-CUNARD
11. Seabourn - 1-800- 929-9595
12. Silversea - 1-800-722-9955
13. Crystal - 1-800-446-6620
14. Oceania - 1-800-531-5658
15. Cruise West - 1-800-580-0072
16. Sea Dream - 1-800-707-4911
17. Residensea - 1-800-970-6601
18. Uni World - 1-800-360-9550
19. Viking - 1-877-66VIKING
20. Windstar - 1-800-258-7245
21. Windjammer - 1-800-327-2601
22. American West Steamboat - 1-800-434-1232
23. Delta Queen Steamboat Company - 1-800543-1949
24. KD River Cruises of Europe - 1-800-346-6525
25. Mediterranean Shipping Cruises - 1-800-666-9333
26. Peter Deilmann EuropAmerica - 1-800-348-8287